Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Here you will find challenges for writing, craft activities and interesting links to unusual information.

Older children in Grades 5 and 6 may like to create a blog.
There they can write their own posts and include pictures.

(NOTES: 1. If you take pictures from the web, be sure you link to your source!
2. The time zone for students' blog posts needs adjusting.
Go to Settings tab, scroll down list to Melbourne, highlight and don't forget to save!)

Write a comment on a post here and I can include you in a list of writers on the sidebar.
People will come here and see when you write a new post!

To start you...
I took the photo above (and in the blog header) at Dromana beach over the Christmas holidays.
The seal was with his Mum!
He seemed to be dancing in the water!

Challenge: Be the seal! Give him a name!
1. How does he feel?
2. What is his favourite activity?
3. Describe his adventures using exciting words.